6 Teas to Help you Sleep Well

6 Teas to Help you Sleep Well

Nobody enjoys a restless night’s sleep and starting the day feeling out of sorts. Most people enjoy a cup of tea at night, but did you know some can actually improve your sleeping habits? Teas are a natural substance derived from plants and are known to be a good sleep aid, helping you relax quicker and minimise the amount that you wake up during the night. Here are our 6 teas we found most beneficial in promoting better sleeping patterns.


Gotu Kola tea works as a medicinal herb to contribute greatly to giving you a comfortable night’s sleep – all with no caffeine! This tea contains an ingredient that helps your body to balance your nervous system, giving your mind clarity before heading off to bed. Gotu Kola tea also works to enhance your overall emotional wellbeing, with the ability to calm both your mind and nerves it makes the process of falling asleep easier for your body and mind.


Chamomile tea has been proven to increase the bodies’ levels of glycine, the chemical known for relaxing muscles and nerves. Drinking Organic India’s Tulsi Honey Chamomile tea a few minutes before going to sleep promotes restfulness. The chamomile making you fall asleep in minimal time and the honey just for the delicious taste!


What’s more helpful when trying to fall asleep than a tea with stress-relieving properties? This tea works well after using it regularly for a couple days, also giving your body a routine it can associate with going to sleep. The combination of Tulsi, Brahmi, Ashwagandha and moringa blend beautifully together to soothe the nervous system, allowing the mind to relax into a state easier to obtain sleep. Furthermore, this some-what magical tea revitalises your blood to keep your organs in good condition and allows your body to functional correctly during the day and night.


Tulsi Lemon & Ginger tea reduces indigestion, making it easier for you to sleep throughout the night without the disruption of tummy problems. It also has the benefit of helping your body reduce anxiousness, allowing you to fall asleep without your usual worries.


Organic India’s Sweet Rose tea combines rose petals, chamomile and lemon myrtle to encourage restoration within the mind and body. As mentioned above, chamomile helps with all sorts of functions within the body, starting with calming the nervous system. It helps reduce feelings of anxiety and stress both in the mind and the physical body. And we haven’t even mentioned the amazing taste of the rose petals you get to enjoy while sipping away at your tea, giving you instant results.


Tulsi Sleep Tea combines the anti-stress herbs gotu kola, ashwagandha and shankpushpi with chamomile, cardamom and peppermint. The combination works to soothe restlessness and facilitates night time relaxation. Not only that, but the blend of ingredients also makes the tea tasty and full of flavour. This tea helps you get a mix of many health benefits in one cup, making it one of the best tea varieties.

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