A Love Affair With Whole Herbs

A Love Affair With Whole Herbs

Ever wondered why ORGANIC INDIA uses whole herbs when most of the industry prefers the convenience of extracts? We explain the process used to harvest our herbs and why maintaining vibrational information is key to gaining full health benefits.

Our Process

We believe in keeping things as simple, pure and natural as possible. That’s why ORGANIC INDIA’s herbs are grown following ethical, ecological and environmentally friendly biodynamic farming techniques. Harvested by hand and locally pressed; the herbs are dehydrated in a dry, sterile environment. By keeping them dry, we limit moisture and prevent damage to the phytochemicals (the compounds from which we benefit). The herbs are gently and slowly ground at a low temperature, so the matrix of the bioactive molecules is preserved. In this form, the herbs are most easily absorbed into the gastro-intestinal tract.

Why do we go to such efforts?

Herbs are a complex mixture of many hundreds of compounds, nutrients, minerals and vitamins which, when in whole form, work in synergy with each other.

Dr Narendra Singh, who dedicated 40-years of rigorous research into developing and fine tuning ORGANIC INDIA’s herbal medicines, continued in the path of the ancient Vedic scriptures, stating that whole herbs are superior to extracts at transmitting vibrational information (or biological intelligence).  He found that by preserving herbs in their whole form, they can effectively transmit information to our DNA (much like a radio signal and can be picked up even when very faint), releasing all the complex information necessary to effect cellular change.

Scientists agree with Dr Singh’s findings that herbs’ vibrational information plays an important role in healthy DNA function. They also concur that isolating the bioactive compounds through extraction can alter the way the plants’ phytochemicals interact. By extracting one substance and leaving another out, you create an imbalance which can, in turn, be negative. For example, extraction may make a compound more potent, but, at the same time, it can make it more toxic too.

How does the whole herb work to make changes in us?

Research continues, but this much we do know: our genes are ‘stored blueprints’ that respond to instructions given to them by our external environment (such as food, herbs, emotional input, stress, yoga and toxins etc.). These instructions are not set in the blueprint but they can make permanent changes to our DNA.

Throughout his research, Dr Singh maintained that it was not simply a slow chemical transfer through the bloodstream that enabled herbs to work their magic, but rather their ability to emit vibrational information that is received by the outer layer (epi genesis) of the DNA strands. Singh believed that the strands modulate this signal via the DNA blueprints, to reconstruct and heal our bodies.

While scientists agree with Singh’s theory about vibrational information, they are still exploring exactly how these environmental messages interact with DNA. What they do know is that vibrational information not only produces bodily changes for one person’s DNA but that it can bring about permanent genetic changes that can be passed to new generations.

“Geneticists were especially surprised to find that epigenetic change could be passed down from parent to child, one generation after the next,” said Dan Hurley from Discover Magazine.

While it’s common to read about the negative effects transmitted to our DNA there are plenty of positive ones in our environment (they’re just not deemed as ‘newsworthy’). For example, the benefits of meditation, good diet and affectionate company are not to be undermined.  So, as well as taking in whole herbs along with good wholesome food, be sure to include a regime that brings you in touch with positive people.

We hope you understand why our biologically dynamic whole herb supplements (including our Tulsi tea) work so well.  Backed by ancient Vedic scriptures, right through to modern-day science, ORGANIC INDIA’s focus on the quality and completeness of its herbs allows them to transmit much-needed and beneficial vibrational information to your DNA.

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