How To Do Loose Leaf Tulsi

How To Do Loose Leaf Tulsi


Making the perfect cup of loose Tulsi Tea is quick, easy and sustainable. These days there is a multitude of exciting tea-brewing equipment available to enhance the experience of making the perfect cup of loose Tulsi tea.

Depending on where you are or how much time you have, you will find the perfect option to suit your needs.

Here’s what you need to know!

The Method

Step 1: Boil water in the kettle, to a rolling boil.

Step 2: Choose your equipment! See below for some ideas……

Step 3: Steep 1 teaspoon of Tulsi per cup for 5 – 10 minutes (or longer!). Cover your vessel whilst steeping to ensure you don’t lose any of the goodness of the Tulsi leaf oils (eugenol) in escaping steam, you want to keep that in your cup.

Step 4: Remove the lid and the Tulsi leaves (or strain), and allow to cool to drinking temperature.

Step 5: Sip while savouring the clean, aromatic, energising tea. Notice the hints of lemon and citrus from Vana Tulsi, the slightly spicy tones of Krishna Tulsi and the calm depth of Rama Tulsi.

Step 6: Feel good in the knowledge that every cup of Tulsi tea supports the livelihood of rural family farmers in India, as well as the wellbeing of the planet.

Step 7: Also feel good because you can re-steep, or empty your leaves into the compost – a sustainable practice 😁

 So, which one are you? Are you a Tea Potter, a Gadget Lover, a Plunger Convert or a Reusable Bagger?

The Equipment

The Traditional Tea Pot

If you are at home, you could embrace the traditional approach and go with the Tea Pot + Tea Strainer + Tea Cup (and even a saucer!) Warm the pot first with some steaming hot water, then empty it out just before you add your boiled water and loose leaves.

I recently dug out some beautiful old teapots, tea cups and saucers that I inherited from my Grandma and just love using them. It somehow makes the tea taste beautiful and I feel all the feels of using the same pot she used for 50 years.

You could even find yourself a tea cosy to keep it warm for your second and third cup. After all there’s no caffeine in Tulsi Original blend!

The Tea Infuser Gadget

There are just so many to choose from. You can use a stainless steel or ceramic basket infuser that sits inside your cup, mug or tea flask, or one of those infuser balls that you sit inside your cup. There are also infuser tongs, and so many more! Just don’t forget to cover while steeping.

The Plunger

Have you tried steeping your loose leaf Tulsi tea in a coffee plunger?  Just put the loose Tulsi leaves in and pour boiling water over them to steep. Make sure it is covered whilst steeping, then plunge the mesh filter down and pour out your tea. So easy! (You might want to have a dedicated plunger for tea to avoid overpowering your Tulsi with any residual coffee).

The Reusable Tea Bag

For those who just love the ease of teabags, this is a great option. You can now purchase reusable, unbleached, cotton teabags that you can fill to steep your Tulsi. After you are finished, you can empty your leaves into the compost, rinse the tea bag and hang it up to dry, ready for your next cup.

These are just a few wonderful ways you can make the perfect cup of loose leaf Tulsi Tea.

Share the Tulsi love and let us know what works for you.

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