How to Get the Best Night's Sleep

How to Get the Best Night's Sleep

We all have experienced that wonderful feeling of flopping down into our bed and drifting off into slumber land. We awake the next day feeling refreshed and energised!

Unfortunately, many people have a difficult time experiencing this. They struggle with falling asleep or even staying asleep. The effects of tossing and turning can have a major impact of their quality of life. The quality of their work suffers, they aren't as motivated to exercise, and even their moods can change! That is why it is so important to make sure that we are getting a good night's sleep. Here are a few easy and natural ways to make sure your body is getting the rest that it needs and deserves.

Unwind with White Noise

Regardless of whether you live in the noisy city or the quietness of the country, white noise can help promote a peaceful night’s sleep. The soothing, soft sound of white noise is a subtle way to block out disruptive sounds while promoting relaxation. It has been shown to aid in encouraging deep sleep and has even been used in the practice of meditation. While white noise machines are available for purchase at most home good stores, you can download these relaxing sounds on your smart phone. There are even numerous YouTube videos that offer over 8 hours of white noise sounds for free! Select which sound is going to be best for you and enjoy a relaxing night of rest.

Sip some ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Sleep Tea

It doesn't get any better than coming home after a long day and relaxing with a hot cup of tea. That being said, it is important to select the variety of tea you drink wisely! Certain types of tea contain caffeine which can inhibit your ability to quickly fall and stay asleep. Try enjoying a hot cup of ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Sleep Tea about an hour before you go to bed. Not only can this tea aid in promoting relaxation and stress reduction, it contains an abundance of beneficial antioxidants. Best of all? It is USDA Certified Organic, gluten-free, and caffeine free. 

Turn off the Electronics

Are you addicted to your smart phone? Can't seem to unplug yourself from the TV? That could be the reason you are having a hard time sleeping at night. Studies have shown that technology creates, A cognitive stimulation, which causes our brain to rev-up and increase its electrical activity. This is the last thing you want to have happen before tucking in to bed. Instead of watching TV, fall asleep to the comforts of a good book. Put your smart phone on sleep mode and store it away from your bed. Use the time before falling asleep as an opportunity to journal or even meditate. Your body and brain will thank you.

Embrace the Peaceful Darkness of your Room

Researchers believe that sleeping in darkness can help our bodies produce melatonin, an antioxidant hormone that plays an important role in the circadian rhythm. Even the smallest amount of light can affect our sleep patterns. Try installing blackout drapes over your winds to reduce the light from outside. If you have a bright alarm clock, cover up the screen or turn it away from your face. You can also wear a sleep eye mask to completely shut out any light. If you need to get up in the middle of the night, keep a small flashlight by your bed. This way you won't trip or fall in the darkness of your bedroom.

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