Supporting healthy elimination with Tulsi LAX

Supporting healthy elimination with Tulsi LAX

When we talk about elimination, it is important to note that there are several organs the body uses to support our detoxification and elimination processes:

  • Our Liver: cleans and filters our blood, transforming and preparing harmful chemicals for excretion.
  • Our Kidneys: removes waste and toxins from the blood, converting it to urine, for elimination.
  • Our Lymph: clears infection by removing pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.
  • Our Skin: sweats out toxins and releases excess heat.
  • Our Lungs: filter out any airborne toxins such as allergens and carbon dioxide.
  • Our Bowels: the large intestine excretes the solid waste, ridding the body of stool.

We can support all our detox and elimination organs to function optimally through diet and lifestyle choices. 

Today we are focussing on the rather unglamorous, yet super important, subject of elimination via the bowel and how to keep that functioning smoothly for optimal wellbeing.

Fibre and Hydration

Our large intestine needs a balance of good fibre, such as quality psyllium and hydration with pure, clean water. 

Daily Routine

This is another application of the Ayurvedic wisdom, espousing the eternal benefits of rhythm and routine for our wellbeing. This alone can be a game changer for our wellbeing and is especially important right now for some of our readers in lockdown since Covid constipation is a Thing!

Training the bowel for daily elimination requires regular routines of waking, mealtimes, exercise and sleep. Also important is giving yourself time and being present during your morning routine, allowing for a regular toilet stop!

The addition of intermittent fasting can be extremely beneficial. This can be as simple as eating super early in the evening and slightly later at breakfast time. The longer rest period for the digestive system has a knock-on effect for elimination.


Regular exercise is an effective way to support regular elimination. Try walking, swimming, running or cycling at the same time each day. A regular yoga practice can also be beneficial incorporating twists that squeeze and massage the abdominal muscles and digestive organs.

The yogic breathing practice known as Kapalbhati Pranayama is a good one to add to your practice to massage the large intestine. For details, check out our Tulsi & Yoga ebook

Tulsi Lax Herbal Tea

Gentle herbal laxatives can support emptying when the colon is a little on the sluggish side. Tulsi Lax herbal tea, found in the ORGANIC INDIA Wellness Range, is a natural, organic, gentle herbal laxative tea containing a delicious blend of senna leaves, peppermint leaves, spearmint leaves, licorice root and the three Tulsi’s.

Tulsi Lax helps to promote elimination by directing the flow of movement downwards, relaxing the smooth muscles, moistening the bowel and calming the digestive tract. 

This is the blend to reach for while you are working to establish a regular rhythm of elimination. Try drinking Tulsi Lax at the end of the evening or the start of each day, making it a daily habit with its own dedicated time in your routine, until the bowel is responding and a regular rhythm has returned.

Note that Tulsi Lax can have a slightly loosening effect. Only use as necessary; it is not intended for long term, continuous use.  Keep this blend in your cupboard for times of need!

The accumulation of toxins (in Ayurveda, known as “AMA”) often signals the start of disease, so our wellbeing depends on regular detox and elimination. Considering the way my cat skips around the garden following her toilet time, the impact of regular and complete elimination on our physical and psychological wellbeing can be quite remarkable.

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