Tulsi Wellness Tea - The Powerhouse of Ayurvedic Magic

Tulsi Wellness Tea - The Powerhouse of Ayurvedic Magic

Having just done some research on the four Ayurvedic ingredients in ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Wellness Tea, I think I am going to suggest a rename / new name…. YES it most definitely is amazing for your wellness, but that seems understated. This is a ‘Powerhouse of Ayurvedic Magic’…. Or maybe an ‘Ayurvedic, Adaptogenic Super Tea’!!

Tulsi Wellness Tea contains four renowned and revered giants of Ayurvedic medicine:

  • Tulsi – known as The Queen of Herbs
  • Ashwagandha – known for giving you the Strength of a Horse
  • Gotu Kola – known for its mind-enhancing properties, and so much more
  • Moringa – the nutritional powerhouse

Adaptogenic herbs such as these four are an important part of an effective stress-management plan. They bolster stress resilience by shifting biochemistry, helping you adapt to whatever life throws your way! You may have heard of Ashwagandha, perhaps the most famous adaptogen. 

Here are just 7 of the reasons why Tulsi Wellness Tea is a Powerhouse of Ayurvedic Magic:

  1. Builds natural resilience to stress 

All four ingredients are famous Ayurvedic adaptogens.  An adaptogen is a healing plant that has been shown to support the body’s healthy reactions to stress, whether that be physical stress, mental stress, emotional stress, spiritual stress, environmental stress (e.g. pollution) or disease and infection. Given that our modern lives contain quite numerous and varying sources of stressors, we need all the adaptogens we can get!


  1. Immune Strengthening & Stamina Building

Wellness Tea is full of immunomodulators, i.e. substances which stimulate or regulate the immune system. In addition to strengthening our immune system, it will also help your body fight off illness, e.g. Tulsi is wonderful for supporting respiratory health and recovery from colds, flus, chest infections etc.


  1. Promotes inner calm

This tea is wonderfully supportive for our poor nervous systems. Gotu Kola is known to relax the central nervous system, while Ashwagandha (perhaps the most famous adaptogen) is renowned for strengthening it and for the health of our adrenals. These powerful herbs make Wellness Tea perfect during times of stress, insomnia or emotional turbulence. Tulsi and Ashwagandha are also known to enhance mood.


  1. Supports sound sleep

Everything about this blend will support a better night’s sleep. It aids sleep by calming the nerves, calming the mind and emotions, making us less reactive or jumpy and better able to deal with life. Less wired and speedy + more calm and clear = a better nights’ sleep.


  1. Promotes toxin elimination

Tulsi Wellness supports the body’s natural processes of toxin removal which helps to avoid toxic overload. Every part of you will benefit from more efficient removal of toxins and less inflammation!


  1. Enhances digestion

As per the above, EVERY part of you will benefit from a well-functioning digestive system. Ayurveda considers poor digestion to be at the root of ALL disease; that’s pretty profoundly important when you think about it…. So the first step to wellness is to look after your digestion.


  1. Makes you smarter!

These Ayurvedic giants are known to promote mental clarity, improved memory, better concentration, more alertness… not to mention you think better when you sleep better, digest better and cope better with stress!

So there you have it. Sipping on Tulsi Wellness Tea throughout the day is bound to do good things for you; mind, body and spirit. The other great thing about this tea is that all the ingredients are certified organic, and all of them are grown by small rural family farmers in India. So you can feel good knowing that in addition to caring for your own wellbeing, your sipping contributes to the wellbeing of entire villages and for the planet.


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