Why Buying Organic Supports the Planet

Why Buying Organic Supports the Planet

Not everyone is sold on the idea of eating and buying organic products and foods. However, scientists have recently discovered that organic products are better for eaters. Not only can organic be better to eat but it can be better for the earth. Organic farming methods typically build healthier soils, produce less pollution and protect ecosystems better than conventional cultivation methods.


Here are a few reasons why buying organic supports the planet:

Organic agriculture preserves the earth's ecosystems: Conventional agriculture releases pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on the earth's land, water, wildlife and ecosystems. Organic agriculture eliminates this toxicity, keeping hazardous substances out of the groundwater and soil. Organic agriculture promotes biodiversity and soil fertility, aiding in the propagation of flora and fauna crucial to the earth's natural cycles and human survival.

Organic agriculture prevents water pollution: Agriculture is a water-intensive sector, utilising over 80% of the United States fresh water consumption. When hazardous chemicals are used in fertilisation and pest prevention, those chemicals become runoff when the crop is watered. This polluted water drains into groundwater, rivers, and other fresh water sources, contaminating our limited fresh water reserves. Organic agriculture eliminates the contamination of water by using earth-friendly pest deterrents and natural fertilisers, preserving our supply of fresh water.     

Organic agriculture preserves clean air: Many conventional farming operations utilise airborne pesticides to cover a large area of crops. Airborne pesticides are not only found in the air where they are sprayed, but in the surrounding areas and beyond. As with any airborne chemical, they slowly disperse over time, leading to not just local air pollution, but pollution on a grand scale. Organic agriculture avoids these hazardous airborne substances and preserves our clean air.     

Organic agriculture supports the bees: Organic agriculture supports the health and population of all pollinators, but it is especially crucial to the dwindling bee populations. Synthetic chemicals used in conventional farming are harmful to bees. Neonicotinoids are particularly toxic to bees, as they are present in the sap and nectar that bees feed upon. Organic agriculture avoids synthetic pesticides, instead requiring integrated pest management techniques. In addition, the presence of organic agriculture supports the health, habitat and biodiversity of bee populations.     

Buying organic supports the production of more organic goods: Remember that your dollar goes a long way in supporting the type of food system that you want to thrive. When it comes to food systems, we get to vote with our dollar. The more you fund organic agriculture, the more organic food there will be to go around. Many organic growers are small family farmers, like the farmers of ORGANIC INDIA. When you buy organic products, farmers are supported to continue growing organic. As organic production thrives, the earth thrives. So remember, as an organic buyer, you not only supporting your health, but the health of the planet; and as you buy organic, you are supporting the production of more organic goods, a cycle of love and consciousness that lasts in perpetuity
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