Why everyone is talking about this MUST HAVE tonic for energy and endurance

Why everyone is talking about this MUST HAVE tonic for energy and endurance

You might be familiar with the Latin name: Withania somnifera or common names of Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry. We are talking about Ashwagndha.

SO? Why is there such a buz around Ashwagandha right now? We will tell you!

In Sanskrit, Aswhagandha means ‘smelling like a horse’ but it also refers to the belief that it will make you strong like a horse or give you the ‘strength of a stallion’. Sounds good!

Ashwagandha has long been revered in India as a tonic that promotes vitality, energy and endurance. As a famous adaptogenic herb, its properties have the ability to both calm our minds and also to energise us when we are tired.

Unsurprisingly, Ashwagandha has been described as the perfect herb for the 21st century due to its ability to support and enhance the body’s natural stress response and maintain homeostasis.

Here are just a few reasons why Ashwagandha is so famous as an overall health tonic:

Stress Management

Ashwagandha has been described as nature’s gift for stress management. By relaxing frayed nerves and tonifying the central nervous system, Ashwagandha enhances tolerance to stress. This means it:

– Revitalizes and ignites the body’s natural stress response.

– Promotes resilience to stress, allowing you to cope better with, and adapt better to stressful times.

– Calms nerves, anxiety and your mind without making you tired.

– Lowers stress hormones.

Vitality Building

Ashwagandha enhances overall vitality, energy and endurance. It gently rebuilds strength, including bone strength which is important for us all, but also as we age or for athletic performance. It is good for supporting healthy functioning adrenal, endocrine and nervous systems, helping to offset low energy or lack of vitality.

Immune Health

Ashwagandha supports our immune health. It can both strengthen a weakened immune system and protect it from becoming depleted.

Sound Sleep

Ashwagandha supports healthy sleep by reducing stress (lowering stress hormones), reducing unnecessary worry (by settling/calming the mind) and supporting blood sugar balance to prevent crashes during sleep that make it difficult to sleep through the night (Douillard).

Rejuvenate Your Body

To keep us feeling energised and calm we need to constantly replenish. When we’re stressed or a little run down from the demands of everyday life, it makes sense to reach for something rejuvenating, a tonic that will replenish and support us. Ashwagandha is a great option. There are many ways of taking Ashwagandha including tablets or capsules, jams and powders, and herbal tea.

Drinking herbal teas containing Ashwagandha on a regular basis is a perfect way to help keep us energised, calm and on track. — For a double shot of adaptogenic herbs, Organic India’s Ashwagandha and Tulsi is a formidable combination! You can find Ashwagandha in our Tulsi Wellness tea as well as our brand new flavour Tulsi Ashwagandha

Organic India also have other famous adaptogens in their tea range including Moringa, Gotu Kola, sleep, wellness and Liquorice.

(p.s. I know how tempting coffee is, but over time I really have felt the benefit of swapping it for a tea containing adaptogens).

Organic and Ethical

Making sure you have an organic source is important for your health and also the health of the planet. Organic India certified organic Ashwagandha delivers a reliable potency and quality, AND supports over 2000 small organic rural farms in India that practice regenerative agriculture, benefiting entire communities while reviving the local ecosystem.

Written by Sarah Holloway

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