Ceylon Cinnamon: The Fragrant Spice Plant

Ceylon Cinnamon: The Fragrant Spice Plant

As a spice, True, or Ceylon Cinnamon is used daily by people all over the world in savoury and sweet recipes, but it has been valued for millennia for its health-supporting characteristics. Cinnamon comes from a small evergreen tree native to Sri Lanka. The spice is ground from the inner bark of the tree. Ceylon is sweeter, gentler and more delicate than generic supermarket cinnamon (cassia cinnamon), making it more suitable for long term use; and yummier in recipes. In terms of health, it is best known for its ability to support healthy blood sugar metabolism, but also has digestive and cognitive benefits.

What sets ORGANIC INDIA Ceylon Cinnamon apart? 

ORGANIC INDIA takes every avenue to operate in a way that is Beyond Sustainable, for both the planet and the amazing partners we work with. Our Ceylon Cinnamon is grown, harvested and prepared in adherence to the following principles and practices: 

  • Highest Quality Ceylon Cinnamon. At ORGANIC INDIA, we source whole Organic, Non-GMO cinnamon bark from cinnamon estates in southern India and grind it in our facility to assure the highest quality. 
  • Small Family Farmers. Ethical partnerships are the heart and soul of our company. We contract with small, family-owned farms across India and purchase crops at premium market price. Most of our partners have been with us for more than ten years, and each is an integral part of our herbal family. As indispensable members of our team, we provide all of our farmers health insurance and ongoing training by agricultural experts who are at the cutting edge of organic and regenerative farming⁠—a no-brainer for us, but an unfortunately unheard of practice in the industry.
  • Regenerative Agriculture. We are deeply rooted in agriculture that is beyond sustainable—it’s regenerative. What this means is our farming practices not only preserve the land, they make it better. Regenerative means replenished soil, improved biodiversity, enhanced water conservation, and increased carbon sequestration. We look beyond our crop to the whole earth and our responsibility to it as a healthy conscious living company.
Ceylon Cinnamon monograph

Ceylon Cinnamon Benefits for Body and Mind 

Research has identified Cinnamon’s antioxidant properties and ability to support healthy blood sugar and inflammatory response.

  • Blood Sugar Metabolism. Studies have found that Ceylon Cinnamon helps support glucose metabolism in the liver and healthy endogenous insulin response in the bloodstream.
  • Liver HealthStudies show that Ceylon Cinnamon helps reduce insulin resistance in the body and, as a result, helps glucose metabolize in the liver.
  • Brain Health. Research shows that supporting healthy insulin levels and glucose metabolism can also help support cognitive function and memory. 
  • Antioxidant. Ceylon cinnamon contains antioxidants like polyphenols that help protect the body against oxidative stress and damage.
  • Healthy Inflammatory Response. Ceylon cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde, a natural bioactive compound that helps support a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Digestion. Soothes the digestive tract and supports healthy bowel movements and regularity.

Traditional Uses of Ceylon Cinnamon 

Cherished for more than 2,000 years, the Egyptians were the first on the historical record to use Cinnamon. It is also mentioned as an ingredient in anointing oil in the Old Testament, as well as an ingredient in traditional ancient Chinese and Indian health remedies. In fact, it was so precious in the ancient world that it was used as a form of currency. Physicians in the Middle Ages used Ceylon Cinnamon in tonics to treat throat discomfort. The spice was also widely used to preserve meat because of the plant’s bacteria-inhibiting characteristics.

Map of India highlighting southern India where Ceylon Cinnamon is grown

Where is Ceylon Cinnamon grown?

ORGANIC INDIA Ceylon Cinnamon is grown on organic Cinnamon plantations in Southern India. The Ceylon Cinnamon tree is native to Sri Lanka, but is also grown across the Malabar coast of India, South America and the West Indies.

Vibrant ceylon cinnamon sticks on black table in black pitcher.

Who is it for? 

For culinary purposes, Ceylon Cinnamon is for everyone in pies, cookies – you name it! For health purposes, Ceylon Cinnamon capsules are perfect for anyone looking for a bit of support with blood sugar metabolism to help maintain already healthy glucose levels. 

Ceylon Cinnamon for Healthy Conscious Living

ORGANIC INDIA’s Ceylon Cinnamon is organically cultivated according to ancient Ayurvedic regenerative cultivation practices to ensure the highest possible efficacy, or “prana.” All ORGANIC INDIA herbs are processed and tested in compliance with FDA and World Health Organization safety protocols.

At ORGANIC INDIA, we recognise the vast interconnectedness of life. From seed, to soil, to field, to factory, our products empower the farmers of India, promote environmental and economic recovery, and provide wellness solutions derived from nature’s intelligence.

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