Moringa: the Very Auspicious Tree

Moringa: the Very Auspicious Tree

In India, Moringa is called “Shobhanjana,” meaning “very auspicious tree,” because of its multiple uses and benefits. All parts of the Moringa tree — seeds, pods, leaves, flowers, and roots — are edible, and loaded with nutrients. Moringa leaves are higher in protein than legumes, making the plant an important nutritional source, with 25 percent protein and 25 percent fiber per serving. The plant is considered a powerful superfood, and one of the most nutrient-dense plants on earth. This drought-resistant tree helps support immunity and metabolism. 

What sets ORGANIC INDIA Moringa apart?

ORGANIC INDIA takes every avenue to operate in a way that is Beyond Sustainable, for both the planet and the amazing partners we work with. Our Moringa is grown, harvested and prepared in adherence to the following principles and practices: 

  • Small Family Farmers. Ethical partnerships are the heart and soul of our company. We contract with small, family-owned farms across India and purchase crops at premium market price. Most of our partners have been with us for more than ten years, and each is an integral part of our herbal family. As indispensable members of our team, we provide all of our farmers health insurance and ongoing training by agricultural experts who are at the cutting edge of organic and regenerative farming⁠—a no-brainer for us, but an unfortunately unheard of practice in the industry. 
  • Regenerative Agriculture. We are deeply rooted in agriculture that is beyond sustainable—it’s regenerative. What this means is our farming practices not only preserve the land, they make it better. Regenerative means replenished soil, improved biodiversity, enhanced water conservation, and increased carbon sequestration. We look beyond our crop to the whole earth and our responsibility to it as a healthy conscious living company.
  • Sustainable Production. All of our herbal teas and supplements are produced in our LEED Platinum certified production facility in India, which is a marvel of top-tier sustainable design, construction and operations.
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Moringa Benefits for Body and Mind:

This green superfood supports overall wellness and vitality with its antioxidants, bioactive compounds and nutritional composition. It can modulate everything from immune health to energy to detoxification to blood sugar metabolism. 

  • Immune-Supporting. Moringa is an immunomodulator that can help support healthy immune function.
  • Nurturing. Moringa is considered one of the most complete, nutrient-dense plants on earth.
  • Nutritional Content. Whole Moringa contains 25 times more iron than spinach, seven times more vitamin C than an orange, four times more calcium and twice as much protein as whole milk, triple the potassium of a banana, and 47 known antioxidants. It may also help the body absorb and assimilate iron.
  • Energizing. Moringa helps you feel energized, while helping use the calories from food as fuel rather than stored as fat.
  • Blood Sugar Metabolism. Studies have found that moringa can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, thanks to bioactive plant compounds such as isothiocyanates.
  • Antioxidant Action. Moringa contains antioxidants that help combat free radicals while helping detoxify the body.

Traditional Use of Moringa

Moringa has long been used in Ayurvedic, Unani and other traditional systems of sub-Himalayan countries for its health benefits. The tree is also called “Shingu” or “arrow,” because the Vedics believed that it quickly reaches the body’s deepest tissues. It is also referred to as a “Wonder Tree” for its ability to grow in drought-like conditions. It has been used as both a health remedy for everything from skin health to sugar metabolism and a green superfood due to its nutritional content and whole-body benefits. It has also been traditionally used to purify water.

Map of India highlighting the Bundelkhand region where Moringa is grown.

Where is Moringa grown?

ORGANIC INDIA Moringa is sourced from two areas: Bundelkhand, and Uttar Pradesh, India.  Bundelkhand is a hilly region that spans central and North India, and Uttar Pradesh is located in northern India edging on the foothills of the Himalayas south of Nepal. The plant is native to the foothills of the Himalayas but is cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions across the globe. 

Moringa green smoothie poured from glass pitcher into two glasses on marble table.

Who is it for? 

Anyone who wants to add a green superfood to their wellness regimen that floods their body with nutrients will love Moringa. It’s energizing, nurturing and supports whole system wellness. Can be taken in a capsule, or the powder can easily be added to juices, smoothies and a variety of recipes. Please check with your doctor before taking Moringa if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have underlying health conditions.

Moringa for Healthy Conscious Living

ORGANIC INDIA’s Moringa is organically grown according to ancient Ayurvedic regenerative cultivation practices to ensure the highest possible efficacy, or “prana.” All ORGANIC INDIA herbs are processed and tested in compliance with FDA and World Health Organization safety protocols.

At ORGANIC INDIA, we recognize the vast interconnectedness of life. From seed, to soil, to field, to factory, our products empower the farmers of India, promote environmental and economic recovery, and provide wellness solutions derived from nature’s intelligence.

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